In the summer of 2016, frontman and multi-instrumentalist Japanese Brazilian Jimmy "Onibi" Nagaura Yabiko and drummer German Dutch Ken "Toro" Luske formed the alt-indie Gravity Circus.

Gravity Circus believes in challenging the status-quo with everything they lay their hands on.

With beautiful compositions accompanied by swelling guitars or upbeat, hyping drum rhythms, they create an imaginative space that is easy to lose yourself in.

The ingredients to their acquired taste recipe are (but not limited to): guitars, lamps, bass, dishwashers, drums, bottles, synths, paper towels, air dryers, limbs, cheeks, broken equipment and phones. 

In 2020 the duo released four singles, followed by the single "Loser Attitude" in 2021. They made the singles happen with the mixing prowess of multi-Grammy nominated Bryan "The Finisher" Wilson and mastering greatness of award winning 24-96's Robin Schmidt.