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The alt-indie-pop duo Gravity Circus is made up by Japanese Brazilian frontman Jimmy Nagaura Yabiko (°▽°)/ and Dutch German drummer Ken Luske ヽ( ˋ(エ)´ )ノ, and with their varied musical taste combined, they create catchy melodies and hooks with heartfelt messages that take you by the hand and bring you into adventure.

"Versatility is definitely a strong point with these two but whatever sound they plump for next you guarantee it will be just as enticing as the last." - BOOT --- MUSIC

-DONT FORGET TO TAKE THIS OUT!!: super secret ingredients to acquired taste recipes: lamps, dishwashers, bottles, synths, paper towels, air dryers, cheeks, any random broken equipment, telephone lines. - ​

In 2020 the duo released a serie of five singles varying from folk-pop, alternative-indie-rock, dark-pop and funk-rock, with one of the singles being the dream-pop banger 'Shuteye'. These singles were then followed up by the raw sounds of 'Tension' and 'Shaky Little Dice Roll', that have been recorded and produced at Livingston Studios in London with the multi-Grammy nominated & BRIT-award winning producer Bryan Wilson.

These past releases give a glimpse of what the duo has in store and what they are preparing for the future to come. Stay tuned because the circus is preparing for take-off.